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Is it worth getting a How to choose a color for your Marble Staircase? | First Stone

March 11, 2024

What color of the marble stairs? You can choose one of these five colors


    In recent years, natural marble varieties continue to be new, flowers bloom, colorful. Provide more choices for stone industry people, variety and color diversification, but also provide more elements for decorative design.

    One--Grey Marble Stairs


    Grey ray adds a high-end style to the stairs

    Gray marble is a representative of advanced gray. Natural creation makes everything calm here, into invisible; marble is a spiritual transmission, a spatial characteristic, a memory point.

    The delicate beauty of marble: the kind of unique and unreplicable nature texture, the unique texture with the tone of the advanced gray, not only adds a high-end style for the high-end gray, let the advanced gray decoration more modern fashion wind direction, but also gives the fashion soul.


    Two--White Marble Stairs


    White marble stairs have a very simple and elegant beauty

    White marble through the design collocation adornment effect is excellent, do not make public but deduce the intellectual beauty.

    The use of white marble in stair: very versatile in interior decoration, whether it is the color collocation of decorative material, the choice of furniture, can match with it to show the beauty that gives white marble with fashionable dynamic extremely.

    Three--Black Marble Stairs

    The black marble staircase makes the space transparent and pure

    The performance of black marble in the interior space: usually tall, cold and cool; the stairs made of black marble create a mysterious and cool atmosphere, while avoiding the depression.


    FOUR--Green Marble Stairs


    Green marble staircase: natural to carve ornaments, tonal fresh and natural


    Reference is green marble to make unique style in stair design, can make the bedroom noble and distinctive not only, increase the colour of flow at the same time, give a space pure and fresh taste

    FIVE--Yellow or Beige Marble Stairs

     Beige marble staircase: can be warm and elegant but majestic

    Beige marble has always been the main color of home decoration. Compared to gray and white, which require a sense of design to maintain momentum, beige marble appears extremely simple. However, simplicity does not mean not being gorgeous. Many European style staircase decorations have always been the home ground of beige marble. Luxury and elegant, noble and elegant are the adjectives of beige marble.

    If you are interested in learning more about marble stairs, you can consult us through the email and website provided below. We aim to assist you in creating beautiful buildings with our professional services and exquisite products.



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