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How to choose the stone countertop?? | First Stone

September 18, 2023
How to choose the stone countertop?? | First Stone

How to choose the stone countertop?? | First Stone

"Bathroom cabinet, it is one of the few and essential furniture in the bathroom. A stylish and functional bathroom cabinet not only serves as a decoration, enhancing the appearance of the bathroom, but also enriches our daily usage experience, such as having a clean and easy-to-maintain basin, ample storage and countertop space... There are many styles of bathroom cabinets, and there are also many aspects to consider when selecting one, such as the appearance style, cabinet material, hardware faucet quality, size, and basin countertop material, etc. Among these aspects, the basin and countertop are particularly important. What materials are better for the bathroom cabinet countertop and basin?"


What are the materials for the bathroom countertop? 

1. Ceramic: 

Ceramic is the most common material for bathroom cabinet countertops. Generally, the basin of this type of bathroom cabinet is also made of ceramic, with an integrated countertop and basin. The quality and performance of ceramic materials mainly depend on their glazing and firing process. Ceramic countertops and basins have a high cost-effectiveness. They have high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance, and are easy to clean and maintain. However, they have limited styles and colors, poor impact resistance, and a cold texture. In addition, low-quality ceramics may have issues such as leakage, poor stain resistance, easy breakage, and yellowing or discoloration.

2.Engineered Stone: 

Engineered stone countertops, as the name suggests, are countertops made from artificial stone materials, such as engineered quartz and engineered marble. The main components of engineered stone are stone powder, resin, and other elemental substances. Engineered stone has many advantages, including a natural stone-like texture and pattern, stain resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, and good cost-effectiveness. However, engineered stone is not heat resistant and has poorer resistance to deformation compared to natural stone. Its hardness is also not as high as natural stone, and over time, it may still have issues with color or stain absorption. Additionally, the environmental friendliness of engineered stone is not high, especially in the case of low-quality engineered stone.


3. Natural Stone 

Natural stone, such as marble and granite, has natural textures and a high aesthetic value, making it suitable for creating a luxurious and elegant style. Using natural stone for bathroom countertops offers high hardness, scratch resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, and moisture resistance, as well as resistance to acids and alkalis. However, natural stone is heavy, which puts a significant weight-bearing test on the bathroom cabinet. Additionally, natural stone has low density and poor waterproofing ability, which may lead to color and water seepage risks over time. It is not convenient for cleaning and requires regular maintenance.


4. Microcrystalline Stone 

Microcrystalline stone countertops were once very popular. This material is actually a combination of ceramics and microcrystalline glass. Microcrystalline stone has high aesthetics, delicate texture, and has advantages such as resistance to leakage, stains, water, and moisture. However, microcrystalline stone countertops have low hardness and poor ability to resist wear and scratches, making it prone to scratches that can affect its appearance.






slate  have been widely sought after by consumers since the emergence of this material. Slate have numerous advantages. They have high aesthetics, diverse styles, rich textures, and a warm and delicate texture. Stone slabs have high hardness, resistance to wear and scratches, and resistance to impact and deformation. They are resistant to acid and alkali, leakage, stains, and are easy to clean and maintain. They are also fireproof and waterproof. Stone slabs have strong workability and can be widely used in various occasions and spaces. In the market, there are integrated stone slab bathroom cabinets with stone slab countertops and basins, as well as separate stone slabs and basins. Compared to countertops made of other materials, stone slab countertops have better performance, but they are also more expensive.


Which material is better? When decorating the bathroom, what material should we choose for the countertop of the bathroom cabinet? It is recommended to consider the renovation budget and personal usage needs. If the budget is not high and cost-effectiveness is a priority, ceramic countertops are sufficient. If you want to pursue a better user experience and decorative effect, stone slabs are the best choice.


 However, the stone slab market is mixed, and it is not easy to purchase high-quality stone slabs. If the quality of the stone slab is poor, aside from the risk of it easily getting damaged, there may be issues with the seller's service, as well as no guarantee for the transportation, processing, and installation of the stone slabs. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the brand Xiamen Dingshitong for assurance.

If you are interested in learning more about bathroom countertop, you can consult us through the email and website provided below. We aim to assist you in creating beautiful buildings with our professional services and exquisite products.



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