First Stone-30 years'building stone supplier & swimming pool coping stones manufacturers.




Here are some news about our team in manufacturing, trade serving and interaction, including normal daily highlight and exhibition at Canton Fair, Xiamen Stone Fair and Coverings, involving the latest global tile & stone industry trends and products, our buyers’ show, professional partner contacts, purchasing decision, receiving industry-specific award and so on. If there are the ones you like, please don’t hesitate to check the product categories, in which many different types of stone products are included but not limited for you to choose or develop thoughts.

At First Stone, we specialize in natural stone and artificial stone for both single houses and large projects. With a focus on combining traditional crafts with modern technology, we pride ourselves on creating new and artistic products that meet our customers' diverse needs. We offer a wide range of stone products for you to choose from or develop your own unique vision.

We've been a leader in the industry for 30 years, and we are committed to providing high-quality and exquisite products that exceed our customers' expectations. Thank you for considering First Stone for all your stone product needs。



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