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What are the differences between PU stone skin and PU mushroom stone? | First Stone

April 01, 2023
What are the differences between PU stone skin and PU mushroom stone? | First Stone

The introduction of  Pu Stone

Pu stone is mainly made of special imported polyurethane synthetic materials (referred to as PU, also known as lightweight ceramics) with strong durability. Its characteristics include moisture resistance, no deformation, high temperature resistance, light weight, and easy construction. 

1. Our company's products are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and mold, environmentally friendly, flame retardant B1 level, and easy to clean. 

2. They do not deform or bend due to weather changes, do not peel, do not crack, and have high durability. 

3. They are light in weight and easy to transport without breaking, with a low rate of loss. 

4. They are easy to install, can be planed, glued, or nailed, saving construction time. 

5. The product is equipped with a synthetic surface and imported water-based paint, which can be sprayed with any type of paint after construction is completed.

What are the differences between PU stone skin and PU mushroom stone?

PU Stone Skin Introduction: Stone skin is the outer layer of a stone that is naturally uneven and ranges from 4-15 cm in thickness and weighs around 300 kg per square meter. It is installed by dry hanging. PU stone skin is a high-quality alternative that is uniform in thickness (2-6 cm) and can be easily cut and pieced together without exposing the bottom. 

PU Mushroom Stone Introduction: The mushroom stone is a design with a high center (10 cm) and low edges (3 cm) with a hollow center. It is not recommended to cut, but if necessary, the cut should be placed against the wall, and the thickness of the wall should not be less than 10 cm. 

Features of PU Stone Skin and PU Mushroom Stone: They offer insulation, easy installation, innovative design, high safety, and water resistance. They are lightweight due to the use of PU as the primary material, and their weight is only 4-6 kg per square meter. 

Construction Process of PU Stone Skin and PU Mushroom Stone: First, prepare the wall by cleaning it of impurities and ensuring it is flat. Second, there is no need to level the wall, but if necessary, use 1:3 cement and sand mortar. Third, there is no need to divide or mark the wall, just cut according to the design, and use structural adhesive for installation. Fourth, install the mushroom stone from bottom to top with a thickness of 4-8 mm. Fifth, clean the surface of the installed stone and apply a protective film.

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