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Capping Stone

Basically “stone capping” is where a large flat stone is used to be placed atop a freestanding wall, giving it a complete look. When installing stone capping, the basic rule of thumb (for consistency purposes) is to use the same stone for the capping as you used for the cladding.

Each bite-sized product feature delivers high and immediate value that drives a wider usage in diverse ranges. Our product - Capping Stone is made of a large number of high-quality raw materials, such as granite capping and stone capping.Capping Stones for walls and so on are its proven features for now. In addition, it is designed to be of a unique appearance, making it more valuable.

If you want to give your retaining wall that designer appeal, we suggest choosing rough sandstone capping that is thick in height and one that ideally overhangs on each side of the wall: this gives your wall a majestic appeal.

Depending on personal preference, you can also install capping stone for retaining wall that contrasts the wall cladding. If you prefer this style, we suggest doing your research prior to starting your wall cladding project and picking out the contrasting stone colours and textures before you start installing the wall. 

Four different profile edges that stone capping is available in: 

  1. 1. Split-Faced Stone

  2. 2. Rock Faced

3. Square, Pencil Edge

4. Bullnose Edge Capping

5. Chiselled Edge


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